Russian Coating Corp. has considerable experience and great prospects. Our decision making is based on the long-term business prospects and we never allow short-term interests override long-term ones. Our strategy is aimed at expanding the company’s share in all major sectors of the dynamically developing paintwork material market.

Our target customers range from the largest natural monopolies, to small garages and average consumers. We improve our company performance by means of satisfying our customers’ needs in high-quality innovative and technology-driven paintwork materials and pursuing responsible environmental and social policy.

Russian Coating Corp. is retaining leading positions in the industry. The progress has been achieved through substantial investment in technical re-equipment of the manufacturing units, building new production sites, personnel training, maintaining a research and technical center and extending the package of extra services. The company has diversified into a wide range of products, which resulted in higher business stability. At present we are working not only with the major corporate customers such as automobile plants but are dynamically increasing our presence in a consumer market as well. We’ve managed to increase the company’s capitalization by launching new premium national trademarks such as Yaroslavl Paints and Vika.

Every employee of our company contributes to the company’s success, is aware of its social mission and aims at individual and professional development. Estimating our business prospects realistically we face the future with confidence.