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Automotive Lacquers

For the present moment GÜNTEX product line is presented by 2K lacquers such as Express for quick repair and HS class for high-quality repair. In the long term GÜNTEX product line will consist of 3 groups: fast drying lacquers (Express), medium solid lacquers of MS class, and high solid lacquers of HS class.

Automotive Primers

Automotive primers for different purposes: 2К acrylic levelling and isolating primers with formulas 2+1, 3+1, 4+1 and 5+1. Anticorrosive and phosphating primers, primers for plastics and for painting by wet-on-wet method. The newest formulations of GÜNTEX primers provide excellent levelling properties, fast drying, easy grindability, good adhesion to steel as well as to factory-made coating

Automotive Putties

GÜNTEX complex of automotive putties can help to eliminate all kinds of defects: from slight pores and scratches (1K Ultra Fine Putty) to the most problematic large irregularities (2K Glass Fiber Putty, 2K Aluminium Putty). Among GÜNTEX products there are putties for plastics (flexible 2K Plastic Putty) and automotive putties of wide application range exhibiting excellent adhesion to various types of surfaces: to black and galvanized steel, aluminium and to copper alloys. All putties dry quickly before grinding and can be easily ground. They are available in various types of packing

Functional Additives

Functional additives serve to solve different problems. GUNTEX thinners provide smooth transition for 2K acrylic enamels and lacquers; additives imparting the flexability to 2K acrylic enamels and lacquers can prevent cracking of coatings applied on plastic components; degreazing agents are designed to remove silicon contamination and static electricity when painting new plastic parts of car body